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Most people can benefit from counseling.
At one time or another in their lives most people can benefit from counseling (psychotherapy) to help them manage a current crisis more effectively, repair a relationship, resolve old patterns and hurts, or choose a new direction in their life. Whatever you are facing, we’d like to be that experienced guide who stands along side you and helps you to find your own best way forward. It’s never too late to break out of old unsatisfying patterns and develop a new path. We look forward to helping you create the life you want. Whether you are looking for marriage counseling/couples counseling, individual psychotherapy, help for an adolescent, or teen-parent counseling, our psychotherapist/counselors have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

Your Evergreen therapist will be a powerful ally.
If you choose to start your therapy with us at Evergreen Counseling Services in Vancouver, your Evergreen therapist will be a powerful ally. Your individual or couples therapist will have a professional, compassionate concern for your welfare and best interest. At the same time, he/she will know that you are the real expert about what will work for you. Your therapist will help you become your own strong advocate. He/she will help you to examine options and discover possibilities so you can make decisions and take actions that make sense and are right for you.

Your counselor/psychotherapist at Evergreen will not be a bland "blank slate" --- He/she will be responsive to you, give you feedback and will, at times, express opinions. However, every good psychotherapist knows that his/her job is not primarily to give his/her own opinions or advice, but to help you become clear about your own values and opinions so you can make choices that are in line with them.

Everyone’s different! We’ll tailor your counseling to your needs and goals.
Some people want to gain deep insight and self-knowledge. Other people want their psychotherapy to focus on finding workable real world solutions to an immediate problem in the shortest time possible. We’ll help you with either or both.

Evergreen therapists have training and experience in a very wide range of psychological theories and treatment approaches. They range from insight oriented approaches such as psycho-dynamic, and Jungian, to cognitive behavioral and solution focused techniques. Our therapists also have thousands of hours of experience helping individuals, couples, and families improve communication and find solutions to their difficulties. Each psychological approach and technique has its strengths and we draw from them as appropriate to match with your needs and goals.

Every therapy is different. Psychotherapy is very much a collaborative partnership between you and your therapist, one that honors your perspective and expertise. Your therapist will provide an atmosphere supportive of change and is trained to help you explore and refine your own values and goals to come to real world solutions that work for you.

We offer Individual Counseling for Adults and Adolescents/Teens, Couples Counseling, and Teen and Teen-Parent counseling, and Family Counseling. Click on the links to find out more about the variety of concerns we can help you with.

We accept over 30 insurance plans including:

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Medicaid
United Behavioral Health Aetna Uniform Medical
TriCare/Ceridian Premera Blue Cross First Choice Health
Columbia United Providers Pacificare Most EAP Programs

We serve all of Clark County, parts of Cowlitz and Skamania Counties, plus North Portland.

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